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Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy, Lincoln & London

Denise Pickup offers a fresh perspective on your relationship problems with skilled help and techniques that work. Improved understanding and communication can offer hope and resolution.

If your relationship no longer works...

It can lead to despair and questions:
How did it happen?  Is change possible?  Can trust be rebuilt?
The situation can seem hopeless without any chance of progress.

Couples Counselling, Lincoln & London -
convenient and flexible

•   Professional City Centre office

  Flexible approaches to your problem
  Work friendly appointments
  Individual or couple sessions

Relationship issues and when to seek help »

Denise Pickup MA
(accred.) UKRCP

Stress, conflict and anxiety can devistate all areas of your life. Why not see if I can help?

Private Health Scheme and Workplace Counselling Supplier.

Contributing 'Expert' for

Writes and edits The Counselling Directory's
website 'Types of Distress'.

Couple relationship issues include:

After an affair
trust can return
Anger & arguments
can be resolved
Loss of Desire
sex can be good again
it can be managed
is it the only option?
Love has gone
communication is key
Couples Counselling, Relationship Issues
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