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What is Couple Counselling?

It offers the chance to understand and explore what has gone wrong with someone who is experienced, trained and impartial.
 Allow for the possibility of change to take into account the needs of both people for the chance of a better life together.

You will be offered support and your concerns will be acknowledged. An effective way of working will be tailored to your needs. If counselling feels uncomfortable alternative methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or TA may be more helpful. Change can be negotiated and practised in safety.  New skills can be learned which will be useful as you make the transition to healthier patterns within your relationship.

What is Couple Psychotherapy?

Sometimes changes for the better cannot be maintained, so a deeper look at defences and underlying causes of unhappiness may help.

Couple Psychotherapy explores your relationship in greater depth to increase understanding of the problem. It can reduce disappointments and hurt to allow new, healthier ways to relate.

Regular Workshops and Training

•   Conflict Management
•   Communication
•   Stress Management - techniques and strategies
•   How to Have a Row
•   Counsellor Training for Couple work
•   Dealing With Difficult People
•   Working with People in Distress:

Talks and workshops on any aspects of Relationships and Couple Work can be organised for work, charities and organisations. Please email for further details.

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