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Relationship Counselling/Assessments: allows informed decisions to be made and useful when a couple is in crisis after an affair, trauma or major life change.
Clients can proceed more confidently with the legal process after understanding the emotional impact.

Separation and Divorce Counselling: develops understanding after the decision to separate has been made by one or both partners to establish new patterns of communication if contact is to be maintained, for child contact for example.
Clients can have closure with less bitterness and see a more positive way forward.

Reconciliation Assessments: considers original problems and risk areas for couples seeking to resume a relationship in an analytical way.
Clients can consider their problems and the impact more carfully before committing to re-marry.

Domestic Violence/Abuse Assessments: interview and report on a couple’s conflict pattern with a Safety Plan if appropriate.
For Guardians and Deputies.

Post Divorce/Bereavement Support: one-to-one support after a separation or death.
Clients can begin to rebuild, from the legal process, to a healthier adjustment.

Pre-nuptial Counselling: to examine the hopes, expectations and anxieties before marriage, relating to Finance, Children, Lifestyle and Religion.
Clients who have been married previously or have complications in their lives can benefit by exploring these areas before undertaking legal steps.

Business couples/Workplace Counselling: explores the impact of conflict for couples whose emotional lives and business lives are intertwined. This is also available for work colleagues whose conflict is disruptive in the workplace.
Clients can disentangle their emotional issues to allow commercial and legal expediency with less disruption to the business.

Couple Areas Covered:

Mental Health Problems, Road Traffic Accidents, Assaults, Imprisonment, Depression, Loss of Desire, Infertility, Adoption.
•   12 years’ experience with public, private and military sectors
•    CBT Psychodynamic Systemic and Psychoanalytic trained
•    Confidential City-centre offices with disabled access
•    BACP Accredited, UKRCP registered, fully insured, BUPA registered

Through separating the emotional and legal processes your client can benefit from an expedient and satisfying experience of your services..

Support services for GPs

City Centre Offices with private waiting room & disabled access

Recognised Mental Health Therapist for major Health Insurance Companies. Most companies fund individual work; some will fund couple work.

Types of Distress: Depression, Anxiety, Bereavement, Sexual/ Gender Issues, Infertility, Loss, Abuse, Adoption, Bullying, Jealousy, Relationship Issues, Separation & Divorce, Stress, Terminations, Work-related issues, Anger, Domestic Violence, Loss of Desire.

Counselling Experience: 12 years’ with individuals and couples. 2006-2011: Private Couples and Individual Therapist 1999-2006: Counsellor and Assessor for Relate Lincolnshire, delivering contract counselling for Individuals and Couples to Lincolnshire Police, NHS staff, Social Services and other public and private companies.

Post-graduate Training: Family Mediation (National Family Mediation) Depression, Parenting, Prisoners, Domestic Violence, Loss of Desire, Short-term Focus Work

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